What poker channels to watch on Twitch

What poker channels to watch on Twitch

In order to increase your gaming skill, you can read books, watch instructional videos, or learn from your mistakes. All this helps, of course, but most top players say that the best way to learn something new is to observe established masters and analyze their actions. Not so long ago, only a select few had the opportunity to follow the game of the pros, but with the advent of Twitch, the situation has changed, and now anyone can follow the game of the pros.

Initially, the Twitch service was created to broadcast popular computer games. After its creation in 2011, first-person shooters like StarCraft and Counter Strike were the main focus, but over time, the service grew, and the number of games covered with it grew. Today, the service collects more than 100 million views every month, and a separate section is dedicated to online poker.

Many players have gained some notoriety through Twitch, but the real rise in popularity in the poker community began when poker stars such as Daniel Nygranu, Phil Hellmuth, Vanessa Selbst, Fedor Holz and many others started their channels. Large poker media also have their own channels – Poker Central, PokerStars TV and others.

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Jason Somerville can be considered the main star of Twitch. His show Run it Up consistently draws a huge audience, and he played the WCOOP with 37,000 followers last year. Most streamers are always willing to communicate with their viewers, comment on their actions and answer clarifying questions. In addition, there is always the opportunity to discuss what you see with other viewers. Chat also becomes a source of useful information. It’s just harder to find it there.

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If you enjoy watching poker play, do it to your advantage. Now the service has channels of Chris Moneymaker, Liv Boeree, Samantha Abernathy, Brian Grospellier and other well-known and not so famous players. Of course, poker monster channels are not often active, but in the poker section you can always find live broadcasts of strong players who are ready to share their experience with others. Was the post helpful and informative? Want to know more about poker? Subscribe to the portal Best Poker Sites and stay up to date. Only the most relevant and latest poker news.

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