ME WCOOP champion is going to keep his victory a secret for a whole year


The $ 530 WCOOP Main Event winner has very good composure. The only thing known about the player under the nickname festen x is that he is 55 years old, he works in the financial sector and he is from Sweden.

But unsurprisingly, he hides his identity from the poker community. He went so far as not to announce his victory even to family and friends. “I plan to keep this secret for one year. I thought for a long time that if I win something big, I won’t tell anyone about it for a whole year. I know what they don’t know. ”

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“festen x” doesn’t make a lot of money, so the money he won means a lot to him. In September 2022, he is set to celebrate his victory by showing his loved ones a video of the final table.

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