What are the positions in poker?


Poker positions mean the order of your move, but most importantly, understanding the meaning of a particular position will help you save a lot of money and save you from many mistakes.

The picture below shows the button, small and big blinds, and the order of the move – the position of each player at the table preflop. * Preflop poker positions shown. From the flop to the end of the hand, the small blind goes first. Accordingly, the big blind will be the second, etc.

Positions 1-2-3 are early positions. It is in this order that the players enter the game. It is very important to understand that it is advisable to enter the game from an early position with very good cards, since after your move other players will also move, and it is possible that one of them will raise the bet, and you will be faced with a choice – to fold your cards and lose money already invested in the bank, or equalize the player’s bet and deliver the money to the bank.

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Deliver or fold your cards once, twice, three times and you will miss a serious amount of money in a month. In general, it is necessary to understand that all the mistakes you made are summed up, and if because of one mistake you have lost $ 1, then all the mistakes made by you within a certain period of time may leave you without funds allocated for the game of poker!


The late poker position in poker, indicated in the picture by numbers 6 and 7, is the most profitable for making decisions. Being in late position, you get as much information as possible by observing how many players have entered the game, whether the rate has been raised, etc. In addition, all rounds of this hand (flop, turn, river) you will still be playing in a more advantageous, late position.

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Accordingly, you can play more hands from late position than from early position. Bluffing from late position is best. If all players have checked before you, you can bet to steal the pot, or you can also say check to see the flop, turn or river for free. Medium poker position (4-5) can play more hands than early, but fewer than late for the above reasons.

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