Phil Galfond opened a training channel on Youtube

Phil Galfond

Phil Galfond is not only one of the best modern poker players, but also has a very good reputation in the poker community. His fans now have the opportunity not only to watch his game, but also to gain new knowledge thanks to the fact that Galfond opened a training channel on Youtube.

In his first video, How I Deal With Downswings, Galfond talked about the skills required to effectively learn to play. A good poker player is not necessarily a good poker coach, but it looks like Galfond is going to make a good teacher.

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During the video, he used several quotes from Churchill, for example: “Never miss a good crisis.” At the same time, he hinted that while the player continues the winning streak, he is in a positive mood, but when something goes wrong, the player begins to question everything.

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Galfond’s Youtube channel was launched three days ago and already has more than 2.5 thousand subscribers, and the first video has already been watched almost 7 thousand times.

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