The names of the first winners and prize-winners at the EPT Open Sochi this year have become known

Russian Andrey Danilyuk

Luck smiled at the Russian Andrei Danilyuk: he won the championship in a one-day Omaha tournament and took home almost half a million rubles in prize money. We have already introduced our readers to the detailed schedule and conditions of the championship.

The buy-in of the tournament was 23.1 thousand rubles, the prize fund was over 1.8 million rubles. It is characteristic that only Russians entered the top ten, and in the penultimate 12th place was one guest, a citizen of Kazakhstan Andrei Tin with a prize fund of 37.1 thousand rubles.

The prize fund is almost 342 thousand rubles, the second place in this game was taken by Vitaly Goron, and Liparit Smbatyan closes the top three with a prize fund of 226.1 thousand rubles.

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Recall that the EPT in the classic format was held in Sochi about six months ago, and now, since October 2, 2021, the EPT Open has been taking place in the resort town for ten days. The first day of the series was already marked by a record: 536 players took part in the tournament. Read more poker news on the pages of our website.

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