Viktor Ustimov is leading one of the tournaments EPT Open Sochi


This is the result of the first day of the high roller tournament, which brought together 195 participants. And on the second day, 67 participants received tickets, among which, according to the results of the first day, an experienced poker player, Russian Viktor Ustimov, is in the lead.

Stay tuned for the latest poker news from our reviewers. The buy-in of the tournament was 257.6 thousand rubles, and the prize fund, which is counting on 27 poker players, has collected more than 45.5 million rubles. The winning player will receive over 10 million rubles in prize money.

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Interestingly, the high roller event at the last EPT Open two years ago was less popular with just 116 registered players. In addition to Ustimov, on the final day, a guest from Belarus, Vadim Lipovka, who let Viktor go ahead, and Russian Arseniy Karmatsky, who is still in third place in the table, left.

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