Mikhail Kedrovsky became the champion of NCC Evolution

Mikhail Kedrovsky

With the support of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Sports Poker and the top room PokerMatch, the National Challenge Cup was held. The winner of the final was Mikhail Kedrovsky. Its prize fund was 360,000 AMD.

The All-Ukrainian tournament was held in several stages. The qualifying competitions were held in 12 cities of the country. All PokerMatch clients could compete for a ticket to the final online by paying a buy-in of ₴ 2,000. In addition, there was a companion in the room for only £ 200.

At the final stage, 1,635 applications were made. She managed to beat the original £ 1,175,000 guarantee. Thanks to the activity of the participants, a prize fund of 1,931,630 was formed. 9 poker players who passed the online qualifying tournament at PokerMatch competed for the championship cup in Kiev.

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How did the NCC finals go?

118 participants got into the prizes. However, the captain of the Ukrainian sports poker team, Mikhail Kedrovsky, had no equal in the super final. He managed to knock out most of the final table participants. In heads-up, Norbert Fedaka was waiting for him. After several hands, the champion was determined. Mikhail Kedrovsky received the maximum prize pool of £ 360,000. In addition, the organizers presented him with an honorary cup. Finalist of the prestigious tournament, Norbert Fedaka, earned 240,000 won.

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Final table participants

The third place was taken by Anton Yakushko. His award was 165,000 AMD. The next was Sergey Karpov. His bankroll has increased by £ 115,000. Nikolay Kostyrko entered the top five. The organizers gave him £ 75,000. The sixth place went to Anton Gurevich with a prize fund of £ 58,000.

The seventh place was taken by Vasily Zabrodsky. He earned ₴ 46,630 per event. Evgeny Ivanenko left the final table second with a profit of 37,300. Anatoly Usenko was the first to be eliminated from the fight for the championship title and the cup. His bankroll has increased by £ 30,000.

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